TGIS: Thank G-d It’s Shabbat

Shalom Friends!

I hope that you are having a great week and looking forward to Shabbat together. I hope that you also have plans to attend and participate in the community Mandela Day projects which are a great way to contribute to both community and country.

A sad experience this week was the passing of Morris Waynik. A wonderful man, with a decades-long affiliation to our Shul, Morris was a devoted Shacharit attender, and in fact had sponsored one of our Sifrei Torah that was destroyed in the fire. May Hashem comfort his sons and family amongst all mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

That traditional phrasing of the blessing of comfort – that the grieving family members should be comforted together with our grieving people, is a uniquely Jewish one and one that we may not always relate to so easily. The expression assumes that as a nation, the Jewish people are a community in mourning, that we refuse to accept the loss of the Temple and will feel a sense of sadness until it is rebuilt. This is something that is not emphasised very much in today’s Jewish world – with so many reasons not to be Jewish, the communities and organisations that are finding success today tend to be those who emphasise the joy of Judaism, or give us exciting ways to move into the future. Rabbi Moshe Feinstein writes several times that the expression (forgive me for not quoting it in my inferior Yiddish) that “It is difficult to be a Jew” is one that harms the Jewish people by leaving people unmotivated and uninspired. In my opinion, most people feel that we have enough reasons to be sad in life without also taking on the national sadness of the loss of our Temple. This is understandable, but over the next three weeks mourning for the Temple takes front and centre place in our Jewish experience, and we join together in mourning what we have lost, but also in envisioning what will yet be.

Our community can relate especially well to this dynamic, as many (perhaps all?) of us are still mourning the destruction of our immediate spiritual home, our beloved Shul in Arthur’s Road. Like the Batei Mikdash, it was destroyed in the fire, but also like the Batei Mikdash, it will be rebuilt and will be (God willing) more glorious than before. Following the community participation sessions, the rebuild committee has facilitated a number of consultations with various Shul user groups to plan a Shul that is beautiful, user friendly, warm and holy.

Whilst we look forward to the rebuilding of our community and Temple, we must also stop to appreciate all that has been done and that is happening. I refer not only to the titanic efforts within our community (and the more I see of what our people are doing, the more impressed I am), but in our land. One of my favourite YouTubers is an American Doctor who makes videos about medical facts, his experience, and reviews medical TV dramas. He has almost 4 million subscribers and produces great content. He was taken on a medical tour of Israel which he recounts in this video, and it’s really inspiring to see all of the amazing things that are happening in our blessed state, and his excitement regarding them.

Finally we are fortunate to host the Kalaver Rov in the coming week. The son of the Kalaver Rebbe (who spent time with us several years ago), the Kalver Rov will be around to give Brachot, advice and encouragement. He is not here to raise funds or solicit for donations and will not be accepting money, but is here to help and encourage Jewish life, strength, and Mitzva observance. 

Aviva, Shalva, Tzuriya, Azriel and I wish you a Shabbat Shalom.

Rabbi Sam Thurgood


Rebuild Committee Update

Torah Reading Page Numbers | Balak

  Artscroll Living Torah Hirsch Hertz
Torah 856 778 598 668
Maftir 874 798 611 681
Haftorah 1189 1206 900 682




Shabbat Times | Balak

Earliest Candle Lighting  4.55pm
Latest Candle Lighting  5.40pm
Mincha |Ma’ariv  5.30pm
Shabbat Shacharit  8.45am
Shabbat Mincha  5.00pm
Shabbat ends 6.35pm


Weekday Times

Shacharit Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays 6:50am
Shacharit Mondays & Thursdays 6:40am
Shacharit (Sunday & Public Holidays) 8:00am
Shacharit (Rosh Chodesh)  6:30am
Mincha followed by Maariv   5:30pm


Announcements | Balak

The Rabbi, Rebbetzin, Chairman, Executive and Committee wish you Shabbat Shalom.

The Children’s Table is kindly sponsored by Alex and Hayley Landau to celebrate Adaya, Natan and Yair’s 6th birthday on Shabbat 20 July.

From this Sunday 21 July, Mincha moves to 17:45.

Fast of 17 Tammuz this Sunday begins at 06:29 and ends at 18:19.

We wish Chayim Aruchim to the family of late Morris Waynik.

Please see the poster attached to the TGIS advertising Mensch MANDELA DAY volunteering and celebrating on Sunday 21 July.  Bookings for Mandela Day via Quicket –

Join our community info WhatsApp group to keep informed of all things Morasha over WhatsApp:

What Torah learning should Morasha offer? Please let Rabbi Thurgood know here:

Shabbat services: Herzlia Weizmann Primary School Hall. Entrance 40 Kloof  Rd or 65 Regent Rd.

Please note that the gate on Kloof Road will be closed from 13:30 on Shabbat and will open again before Mincha.

Weekday Mincha/Maariv: Sephardi Shul. Entrance 40 Kloof (parking available) or 65 Regent Roads.

Weekday Shacharit: Sunday, Monday and Thursday in Sephardi Hall; Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday in Sephardi Shul. Entrance 65 Regent Road only.

Community learning programme in honour of our shul:  Choose Tanach, Mishna or Talmud – let’s achieve another great milestone together.

Join Junie-Punie for great Children’s Services every Shabbat at 10:15am – share brachot, Parsha of the week and special Children’s stories. All ages up to Grade R.

Join The Dream Team at 10:15am on the AstroTurf for children’s service.

If there is any chance that your Tallis or Tefillin was a Morasha at the time of the fire, please contact Roydon Sacks 082 4911467 to view what was rescued.

Every Tuesday afternoon the Sephardi ladies play Kaluki in their Hall between 1 and 5 pm. Tables of four are welcome to join. R30 for Tea. RSVP to book your table.



The Yahrzeit begins the evening before the date


Ed Levin Friend Saturday 20 July
Mickey Glass Friend Saturday 20 July
Roydon Sacks Friend Saturday 20 July
Ivan Klitzner Friend Saturday 20 July
Selma Glass Father Saturday 20 July
Cecil Jowell Mother Saturday 20 July
Debbie Suiza Great aunt Saturday 20 July
Ethel Widan Mother-in-law Saturday 20 July
Bertha Jowell Sister Sunday 21 July
Bernard Sacks Father Tuesday 23 July
Ari Shpigel Father Tuesday 23 July
Bernard Chipkin Father Wednesday 24 July
Claire Saevitzon Father Wednesday 24 July
Jeffrey Dorfman Father Thursday 25 July
Ruth Mink Father Thursday 25 July
Richard Goldstein Aunt Thursday 25 July
Joan Zieff Step-mother Thursday 25 July
Bernard Sacks Grandfather Thursday 25 July
Glenda Galansky Father Friday 26 July




Lara Greenblatt Friday 19 July
Coby Kudo Friday 19 July
Dion Levin Friday 19 July
Adaya Landau Saturday 20 July
Natan Landau Saturday 20 July
Yair Landau Saturday 20 July
Amnon Melzer Saturday 20 July
Tristan Goldstein Sunday 21 July
Tony Rubin Monday 22 July
Nadia Saban Monday 22 July
Joseph Melzer Tuesday 23 July
Reuven Silberstein Tuesday 23 July
Sharon Mamulis Wednesday 24 July
Beverley Coblentz Thursday 25 July
Selwyn Furman Thursday 25 July




Phillip and Diana Henning Wednesday 24 July


Weekly Learning

Shabbat Morning 10 mins before shiur  Children’s Learning Rabbi Thurgood Weizmann Hall
Shabbat Morning After Brocha Parsha of the Week  Rabbi Thurgood Weizmann Hall
Shabbat Afternoon After Mincha Seudah Shlishit Various Weizmann Hall
Sunday 8:40-9:10am Sefer Bein Hazmanim Rabbi Thurgood Sephardi Hall
Thursday 7:30-8:30 pm Gemorrah Sukkah  Rabbi Gavriel Ziegler Private Home
Monday – Friday 7:35-8:05am Sefer HaChinnuch Rabbi Thurgood Sephardi Hall
Monday -Wednesday 30 mins before Mincha Chumash with Rashi: Every Parsha from 6th aliyah Rabbi Thurgood Sephardi Shul


Security | Chukat

We thank team 4 for doing security duty this Shabbat.

If you are not able to do your duty, please swap with someone else.

Meet the Family

Every week, we feature a member or family of Beit Midrash Morasha and tell you a little about them. If you would like to be featured, or if you have a suggestion of someone whom you would like featured, please let us know!


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