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TGIS: Thank G-d It’s Shabbat

Shalom Lovely Community!

I hope that you’re having a wonderful day and looking forward to a marvellous Shabbat ahead. This week has seen more than a spot of rain which is always great news for the plants and general water supply, but of course we must be conscious of the flooding and rockfalls that result from a downpour. I wrote last week about fire and the way in which it is used as a metaphor for Torah; this week I will observe that water is used by our Sages to represent Chessed – the way in which we give to one another and support and help each other. It is appropriate, therefore, the mention the UJC’s new campaign and competition as they work to provide millions of rands for Jewish community organisations across the city. Video here: https://youtu.be/FCVSc6imrMc and competition details here.

It’s hard for me to believe that I have only two weeks remaining as Rabbi of the community! I’ll certainly miss it.  There are several questions that I receive quite frequently, so I thought I’d do a mini Q and A:

Q: Do we have a new Rabbi yet?

A: Not yet. Our excellent search committee is hard at work to find the very best Rabbinic couple for our community, but we’re not rushing and it will likely be some months before we make an appointment.

Q: Will you still be around?

A: Very much so. I’ll be helping out for some Shabbatot during this interim period – to the extent that I can based on my other commitments, and to the extent that I am needed by our community. Even once we have a new Rabbi, I plan to daven primarily at Morasha although I will also be visiting other community in Cape Town more than I have been previously.

Q: Will you still be a Rabbi once you leave?

A: Indeed, I’m not resigning my smicha, just this position, and I’ll still be as much of a Rabbi as I have been. I am planning a minor rebrand for Herzlia to go from being Rabbi Thurgood to Rabbi Sam.

Q: Will you still be my Rabbi once you leave?

A: I’d be delighted to; although of course when the new Rabbi comes, I will give him whatever space and support he needs.

Q: What’s going to happen with the Rabbi’s discretionary fund?

A: I’ll still run it during the interim period, accepting support from those who can and directing it to those who need. When the new Rabbi starts, he will set up his own discretionary fund, but I’ll make sure that the Chessed and Tzedaka keep happening.

Q: Will you still send your daily Torah Thoughts over WhatsApp?

A: I certainly plan to, although rather than doing it through the Shul I’ll do it as an “independent”. Sponsorships of the Torah Thought from July will therefore go towards my discretionary fund.

Q: What are the plans for Yamim Noraim?

A: We have – thank God – several options and are in the process of finalising our plans regarding Chazzanim and Rabbi. We’ll let you know once they are confirmed.

Q: How are you feeling about the move?

A: Excited but also sad – there is a lot that I will miss. But I think that many of the things I love about this community I will still be able to access and treasure as a member, and I’m excited about this next journey ahead.

Aviva, Shalva, Tzuriya, Azriel, Neriya and I wish you a Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi Sam Thurgood

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Parshat Korach Artscroll Steinsaltz Living Torah Hirsch
Torah 820 827 740 573
Maftir 836 843 756 583
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Earliest Candle Lighting 16:47
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Shabbat ends 18:26


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Shacharit | Monday and Thursday 06:40
Shacharit | Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 06:50
Shacharit | Sunday and Public Holidays 08:00
Shacharit|Rosh Chodesh, Fast Days and Chol Hamoed 06:30
Mincha | Sunday – Thursday                                                 17:30


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The Executive and Committee wish you Shabbat Shalom.

Mazal Tov to Sasha Katz on being appointed Senior Leader of the newly elected Students Leaders in the Boys Division of CT Torah High School.

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Shavuot Community Dinner & Tikkun Leil with Rabbi Perez | Saturday 4 June


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Tarna Klitzner Father Saturday 2 July
Rob Kroomer Mother Saturday 2 July
Bev Coblentz Mother Saturday 2 July
Paula Bagraim Grandmother Saturday 2 July
Maureen Mallach Mother Saturday 2 July
Dorothy Zieff Mother Saturday 2 July
Cus Kesler Mother Saturday 2 July
Cindy Moritz Grandmother Saturday 2 July
Lauren Snitcher Father Saturday 2 July
Michael Bachmann Grandfather Sunday 3 July
Tilly Wolman Mother Monday 4 July
Jonathan Friedman Father Monday 4 July
Peta Feldman Mother Tuesday 5 July
Clive Richards Mother Tuesday 5 July
Lynton Lurie Mother Wednesday 6 July
Eric Nates Mother Thursday 7 July
Debbi Wienburg Father Thursday 7 July
Rhea Russon Grandmother Thursday 7 July
Millicent Noik Aunt Friday 8 July



Farrel Lifson & Mia Salkinder Friday 1 July
Mark & Vanessa Yankelowitz Saturday 2 July
Selwyn & Merle Furman Sunday 3 July
Lenny & Marilyn Chiat Monday 4 July
Rael Blieden & Kate Browde Thursday 7 July
Cecil & Beryl Zoe Lewus Thursday 7 July



Lisa Futeran Friday 1 July
Mikka Chesno Sunday 3 July
Samuel Gawronsky Wednesday 6 July
Sarah Grusd Thursday 7 July
Jaime Lewenson Thursday 7 July
Aubrey Silver Thursday 7 July


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