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TGIS: Thank G-d It’s Shabbat

Shalom Lovely Community

What a beautiful Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur! My sincere thanks to all who made it special – there are a lot, so I will thank you all in no particular order at the end of my message.

I’ll begin with quick mention of Doron Maroun, who has been a mainstay of our COVID team since we went back to Shul over a year ago, and is stepping down from this volunteer role. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to him, and he truly is irreplaceable. Subsequently, we are not attempting to replace him, but the new team, together with the easing of COVID restrictions announced, will move forward with some changes. Please note them and please feel free to approach Greg Gelb (our COVID officer) or me with any questions or concerns that you have. I assure you that we are not taking COVID any less seriously, but simply recalibrating our approach in a dynamic situation.

  1. We will no longer be creating a seating plan for each week. Rather, some seats will be “available”, and others will be “unavailable” to ensure appropriate distancing.
    1. Do: Arrive early if you would like a particular seat. You will not have a particular seat (even your favourite one) reserved for you.
    2. Do not: Tamper with the seating arrangements. If the seat in which you want to sit is marked unavailable, please find a different seat that is available.
  2. We will begin offering vaccinated-only brochas. Our goal is to have this available for Sukkot – you will need to book in advance, and you will need to confirm your vaccination status with us. If we are fully booked for one day, Sukkot has enough days that I’m confident we’ll able to get you in on another. We will begin this as a test and will rely on the compliance and understanding of all who attend. The Chief Rabbi’s medical experts have given us the green light on the following conditions:
    1. Only those who are fully vaccinated will be able to book. “Fully vaccinated” means: 14 days after your second Pfizer shot, or 28 days from your Jonson and Jonson shot.
    2. It will be a seated and plated brocha – there will be social distancing and not a lot of mingling.
    3. Children under 10 can attend even if not vaccinated, but not from age 10 and older.
    4. You will need to confirm your vaccination status with us by filling out this form here, and then sending Wendy a photo of your vaccination card.

Now for the Yamim Noraim thanks!

  1. Our Davening Team: Chazzan Gidon Erster, ably assisted by Rabbi Gavriel (Rav Gav) Ziegler and Ivan Klitzner for leading us beautifully and capably – in a time when leading services is different to how it used to be!
  2. Our Executive Team: Shaun Borstrock (Chair) Steven Kahn (Vice Chair) and Amnon Melzer (Treasurer) for making the decisions that needed to be made for the unusual circumstances of Yamim Noraim and leading our community.
  3. Our Shul Office Team: Wendy Berger and Sindiswe Qhawe for the hours of work in taking Shul bookings, managing logistics, and keeping our beautiful Shul spotless.
  4. Our Tent Team: Rob Kroomer and Philip Scher for making our garden a safe and pleasant place to daven.
  5. Our COVID Team: Greg Gelb and Doron Maroun for keeping us safe in such a dedicated and respectful way.
  6. Our Children’s Team: Junie Punie, Dalya Blecher (head of Dream Team), Sibongile Madikizela (supervised play before children’s services), Mrs Thurgood (snack pack maker), Yael Robins Kallmann, Eitan Robins Kallmann, Dani Shochot, Jack Nathan and Maya Bachmann (Dream Team members), Eytan Labe, Leah Hepple, Jethro Klitzner and Josh Blecher (Bnei Akiva madrichim).
  7. Our Jonah and the Whale Team: Kim Katz, Sasha Katz, Nicole Labe, and the Dream Team.
  8. Our Rosh Hashana Pack Team: Owen Futeran, Peta Feldman, Val Hurwitz, Rene Borstrock, Mr Richard Thurgood, Mrs Charlotte Thurgood, Andy Blecher, Steven Kahn, Wendy Berger, Lance and Kim Katz (sponsors) and the volunteer delivery team.
  9. Our Rosh Hashana Magazine Team: Jill Schulman (Editor), Michi Bachmann, Wendy Berger, Rene Borstrock, Shaun Borstrock, Ivan Klitzner, Nicole Labe, Ed Levin, Jill Schulman (Advertising sales), and all of those who submitted articles and photos.
  10. Our Yamim Noraim Online Hour Team: Gidon Erster, Shaun Borstrock and Eliel Siegel.
  11. Our Security Team: Daniel Goldstuck (Eyes and Ears Coordinator) and all of those who stood guard over us during the long shifts of Yom Tov.

If I have left you out – please let me know so that we can thank you! We really are grateful.

I cannot sufficiently emphasise how much concerted effort it takes from so many people to make this all happen. I am so proud to be part of a community in which so many take such an active role in making it special for us all. If you’d like to do more – please let us know!

Aviva, Shalva, Tzuriya, Azriel, Neriya and I wish you a Shabbat Shalom.

Rabbi Thurgood

Rebuild Committee Update

Torah Reading Pages | Chol Hamoed Sukkot


Chol Hamoed Sukkot Artscroll Koren Living Torah Hirsch
Torah  1100 1128 1024 800
Maftir 1100 1139 1032 810
Haftorah  1205 1271 1251 925




Shabbat Times | Chol Hamoed Sukkot

Please make sure to book well in advance here: bit.ly/attendBMM

Earliest Candle Lighting 17:29
Latest Candle Lighting 18:26
Zoom Mincha and Kabbalat Shabbat | https://zoom.us/j/2012833604 18:15
Shacharit 09:00
Latest time for morning Shema 09:34
Shabbat afternoon Mincha 18:15
Shabbat ends 19:19


Weekday Davening Schedule


Shacharit | Monday and Thursday 06:50
Shacharit | Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 07:00
Shacharit | Sunday and Public Holidays 08:00
Shacharit|Rosh Chodesh and Fast Days 06:40
Mincha|Sunday – Thursday                                                      18:15 https://zoom.us/j/2012833604


Announcements | Chol Hamoed Sukkot

The Rabbi, Rebbetzin, and Committee wish you Shabbat Shalom.

The Haftorah will be recited by Dr Meyer Rabinowitz.

Interested in returning to the brocha? Please submit your details to our Morasha Vaccination Registry here: https://bit.ly/MorashaVaccine

We are happy to announce that lockers are available for rental on an annual basis on a first come first served arrangement. Contact Wendy for more details.

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Contact : info@morasha.co.za


 The Yahrzeit begins the evening before the date

Mark Gawronsky Father Saturday 25 September
Ivan Hellmann Father Sunday 26 September
Rhea Russon Father Sunday 26 September
Rosalind Goldman Aunt Monday 27 September
Peta Feldman Husband Wednesday 29 September
Miriam Bilski Father Thursday 30 September
Hayman & Rhona Kestan Daughter Thursday 30 September





Bianca Sarembock Saturday 25 September
Joan Fisher Sunday 26 September
Benjamin Weinstein Sunday 26 September
Lorraine Rabinowitz Monday 27 September
Avis Schur Monday 27 September
Ronen Cohen Thursday 30 September


Weekly Learning

Sunday – Thursday After Shacharit (approx. 7:50am) 5 Minutes Halacha Rabbi Sam Thurgood Shul (also on Zoom and Facebook)
Sunday – Thursday Between Mincha & Maariv 5 Minute Halacha Rabbi Sam Thurgood Shul (also on Zoom and Facebook)
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8:10-8:30am Chumash with Commentaries Rabbi Sam Thurgood https://zoom.us/j/2012833604
Wednesday 7:30-8:30pm Gemara Sukkah Rabbi Gavriel Ziegler Zoom (contact Rav Gav)
Saturday Between    Mincha & Maariv Shabbat Shiur Rabbi Sam Thurgood Shul


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