TGIS: Thank G-d It’s Shabbat

Shalom Friends!

I hope that you are having a great week and looking forward to a beautiful Shabbat and Yom Tov together. Pesach is certainly the most beautiful of all our Chagim. Sitting at the Seder table, reading the Haggadah and eating our favourite Pesach foods… I can almost taste the kneidlach already! I hope that your hard work of preparing for Pesach is almost at an end and that the excitement is kicking in (I just have a few more shiurim to prepare but getting there), and that you have plenty of delicious Divrei Torah to share at the Seder also.


Our community held its Annual General Meeting on Sunday night and there was some spirited discussion and expression of different views, but all within the framework of a loving community concerned with continuity and restoration. A highlight was the bestowing of 3 honorary life memberships upon:

  • Robert and Fruma Kroomer
  • Roydon and Elaine Sacks
  • David and Maeve Samuels

Mazaltov! As I mentioned on the night, a very appropriate recognition for people who have made immense contributions to our community. Mazaltov and yeshar koach also to those who stood for committee membership, executive positions and trusteeship of our community. (Names in the announcements). Strong and effective lay leadership is the backbone of our community and we are blessed to have it continue in this way.


The Notre Dame fire has raised some painful memories, fascinating parallels and interesting questions. The photos of a house of worship in flames is so clearly reminiscent of our own December conflagration, and so much of the discussion around the rebuilding is similar to our own. Should they do a straight rebuild or modernise the structure? Who should rightly be tasked with leading the rebuilding process? What will the consultation process be? And then you have the international outpouring of support and help to rebuild the structure, even from other faiths – just as we experienced. One glaring difference is that we were (thank God) well-insured, whereas they will now be entirely dependent on donations towards the rebuilding. The question that a number of people have asked me is: How should we view this? There are many who, upon hearing this question, say “It’s obvious!” What comes after that depends on whom you’re speaking to. “Obviously this is a terrible tragedy, we should stand united in sympathy and compassion with those who have lost a house built for the glory and prayer of God, and help them any way we can, including donating towards the rebuilding”, or “Obviously this is the eventual retribution for a building whose courtyard held the public burning of the Talmud that signified the end of Jewish life in France 700 years ago, which has a statue of the blinded and failing ‘synagogue’, which doubtless hosted an abundance of Anti-Semitic sermons, and thus we should see its destruction as Divine justice.” With two such extreme responses (both of which I believe are coherent) I believe that we should take a middle path. The Catholics of today are not the Catholics who burned the Talmud so many centuries ago. The Catholic Church recognises Judaism as a legitimate path to God, and opposes Catholic evangelisation of Jews. Furthermore, Rabbi Eliyahu Ben Amozegh (a great 19th century Italian Rabbi, and father of the “Ben Noach” movement) ruled that not only was Christianity not idol worship (a view in line with the mainstream Ashkenazi opinion, but against the Rambam and many other Sephardi authorities) but that it was permissible to donate towards the building of a Church (and this was long before their conciliatory efforts of Vatican II). Thus, to be hurtful or insensitive towards a group who are essentially friendly to us is not correct. At the same time, however, it would be naive to ignore the legacy of the past and to pretend that this building does not also represent a dark age for the Jewish people (forgive the pun). So, my proposal is to hold both of those realities in our minds, the present and the past. For the present, it is a source of sadness to many people who have lost a spiritual home, as we can well-relate to, and we should indeed express our condolences. For the past, it was not so fantastic to be a Jew in medieval France and the cathedral was probably a source of dread to our ancestors, and perhaps some of them can rest more easily knowing that the building as they knew it is no more. One final point – my point about the past is all well and good in the privacy of our homes, but in the public arena it is appropriate only to speak of sharing the Catholics’ sadness over the loss of their historic Cathedral. What do you think?

Aviva, Shalva, Tzuriya, Azriel and I wish you a Shabbat HaGadol Shalom

Rabbi Sam Thurgood


Weekly Committee Rebuild Update Pesach

The Rebuild Committee has engaged a professional facilitator skilled in community participation processes.

We will be holding a Community Participation Session on Wednesday 1 May, 1:30-–5:30pm, at the Sephardi Shul Hall, to which the entire Community is invited.

This is the first step in a structured communication cycle for ideas, information and feedback to be exchanged in a productive manner and we encourage all to attend. Refreshments and childcare facilities will be available.



Torah Reading Page Numbers – Pesach

Shabbat Pesach Day 1 Artscroll Living Torah Hirsch Hertz
Torah  354 316 255  257
Maftir 892 814 622 695
Haftorah 1221 1292 967  1009
Shabbat Pesach Day 1 Artscroll Living Torah Hirsch Hertz
Torah  354 316 255  257
Maftir 892 814 622 695
Haftorah 1221 1292 967  1009


Pesach Day 2 Artscroll Living Torah Hirsch Hertz
Torah  690 618 474  518
aftir 892 814 622 695
Haftorah 1222 1294 968  1012


Pesach Day 7 Artscroll Living Torah Hirsch Hertz
Torah  340 320 262  265
Maftir 892 816 623 695
Haftorah 1225 1302 972  1017


Shabbat Pesach Day 8 Artscroll Living Torah Hirsch Hertz
Torah  1012 940 916  810
Maftir 892 816 623 695
Haftorah 1226 1308 974  1023


Shabbat Yom Tov Times – Pesach

Mincha | Maariv Thursday 18 April 6:15pm
Search for Chametz Thursday 18 April 6:50pm
Shacharit Friday 19 April 8:00am
Final time for eating Chametz Friday 19 April 10:15am
Final time for burning Chametz Friday 19 April 11.15am
Earliest Candle Lighting Friday 19 April 5:10pm
Latest Candle Lighting Friday 19 April 6:01pm
Mincha | Maariv Friday 19 April 6:15pm
Shabbat Shacharit Saturday 20 April 8:45am
Shabbat Mincha Saturday 20 April 1:15pm
Seudah Shlishit in Weizmann Hall Saturday 20 April 5:45pm
Shabbat Maariv Saturday 20 April 6.52pm
Earliest time to light candles from pre-existing flame Saturday 20 April 6:52pm
Pesach Shacharit Sunday 21 April 8:45am
Mincha Sunday 21 April 1:15pm
Maariv Sunday 21 April 7:05pm
Yom Tov ends Sunday 21 April 6:51pm
7 and 8 day Pesach (need to make Eruv Tavshilin)  
Earliest Candle Lighting Thursday 26 April 5:04pm
Latest Candle Lighting Thursday 26 April 5:54pm
Mincha | Maariv Thursday 26 April 5:45pm
Pesach Shacharit Friday 27 April 8:45am
Earliest time to light candles from pre-existing flame Friday 27 April 5:53pm
Mincha Friday 27 April 5:45pm
Maariv Friday 27 April 6:15pm
Shabbat Shacharit Saturday 28 April 8:45am
Yiskor (approximately) Saturday 28 April 10:30am
Mincha / Suedat Mashiach Shabbat Saturday 28 April 5:15pm
Shabbat Maariv and Havdalah Saturday 28 April 6.45pm
Shabbat / Yom Tov ends Saturday 28 April 6:45pm
Resume eating repurchased Chametz 7.30pm


Weekday Times Pesach

Shacharit Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays 6:50am
Shacharit Mondays and Thursdays 6:40am
Shacharit (Sunday and Public Holidays) 8:00am
Shacharit (Rosh Chodesh)  6:30am
Mincha followed by Maariv  (changes to 5:45pm on 22 April) 6:15pm


Announcements – Pesach

The Rabbi, Rebbetzin, Chairman and (new) Committee wish you Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach.

We wish Rene Borstrock, Ivan Klitzner  and their families a long life on the passing of their eldest brother Nathan Klitzner.

The Childrens bracha is kindly sponsored by the Zive family to celebrate Seraphine’s 2nd birthday

We wish Tao Klitzner and Bev Shrand mazaltov on their graduation.

New Standing committee

Chairman Evan Robins
Vice-Chairman Shaun Borstrock
Vice-Chairman Michael Jowell
Treasurer Amnon Melzer
Trustee Lnace Katz
Trustee David Samuels
Committee Andy Blecher, Rob Kroomer, Owen Futeran, Michi Bachmann, Ivan Klitzner, Neebashnee Kristnasamy, Malcolm Siegel

There will be Siyum after Shacharit tomorrow (Friday) followed by a light breakfast.

Burning of Chametz:  There will be a fire for burning your Chametz at Sephardi Shul Tomorrow (Friday) between 8.30am – 9.30 am

Daily Mincha changes to 5:45pm from Monday 22 April.

Please note that the gate on Kloof Road will be closed from 1:30pm on Shabbat and will open again before Mincha.

Shabbat services: Herzlia Weizmann Primary School Hall. Entrance 40 Kloof  Rd or 65 Regent Rd.

Weekday Mincha/Maariv: Sephardi Shul. Entrance 40 Kloof (parking available) or 65 Regent Roads.

Weekday Shacharit: Sunday, Monday and Thursday in Sephardi Hall; Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday in Sephardi Shul. Entrance 65 Regent Road only.

Community learning programme in honour of our shul:  Choose Tanach, Mishna or Talmud – let’s achieve another great milestone together.

Join Junie-Punie for great Children’s Services every Shabbat at 10:15am – share brachot, Parsha of the week and special Children’s stories. All ages up to Grade R.

Join The Dream Team at 10:15am on the AstroTurf for children’s service.

Wendy is on leave until Monday 6 May.  Susan Freeman will be in the office before and after Pesach from 8:30am – 12:30pm. The Morasha office is closed  on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during Pesach.



The Yahrzeit begins the evening before the date


Rosa Kolevsohn Father Saturday 20 April
Isadore Pick Brother Saturday 20 April
Joan Freedman Mother Sunday 21 April
Joan Zieff Mother Monday 22 April
Muriel Sendzul Brother Monday 22 April
Barbara Kahn Husband Monday 22 April
Selwyn Yankelowitz Mother Monday 22 April
Joel Gamsu Grandfather Wednesday 24 April
Maeve Samuels Father Thursday 25 April
Rheina Epstein Mother Friday 26 April
Ronit Netter Father Friday 26 April
Rosalind Lewenson Father Sunday 28 April
David Cohen Mother Monday 29 April
Pearl Firer Husband Tuesday 30 April
Rosalind Goldman Father-in-law Tuesday 30 April
Carol Grusd Granddaughter Wednesday 1 May
Matthew and Nicole Labe Daughter Wednesday 1 May
Avital Lang Mother Thursday 2 May
Mike Lang Wife Thursday 2 May
Sarit Sachs Mother Thursday 2 May
Talyah Ginsberg Grandmother Thursday 2 May
Louise Sebba Mother-in-law Friday 3 May




Shayna Davis Sunday 21 April
Daena Franklin Sunday 21 April
Rosalind Lewenson Monday 22 April
Ethan Bloom Tuesday 23 April
Cecil Lewus Wednesday 24 April
Michael Collins Thursday 25 April
Vanessa Gawronsky Thursday 25 April
Philip Stodel Thursday 25 April
Karen Kallmann Friday 26 April
Moshe Netter Friday  26 April
Anaelle Silberstein Saturday 27 April
Avital Lang Monday 29 April
Daniel Rubin Thursday 2 May





Cedric and Marina Nainkin Friday 19 April
Jonathan and Avital Lang Monday 29 April
Adrian and Elana Chiger Wednesday 1 May


Weekly Learning Pesach

Shabbat Morning 10 mins before shiur  Children’s Learning Rabbi Thurgood Weizmann Hall
Shabbat Morning After Brocha Parsha of the Week  Rabbi Thurgood Weizmann Hall
Shabbat Afternoon After Mincha Seudah Shlishit Various Weizmann Hall
Sunday 8:40-9:10am Sefer Bein Hazmanim Rabbi Thurgood Sephardi Hall
Thursday 7:30-8:30pm Gemorrah Sukkah Rabbi Gavriel Ziegler Private Home
Monday – Friday 7:35-8:05am Sefer HaChinnuch Rabbi Thurgood Sephardi Hall
Monday -Wednesday 30 mins before Mincha Chumash with Rashi: Every Parsha from 6th aliyah Rabbi Thurgood Sephardi Shul


Security – Pesach

We thank the following teams for doing security duty this Shabbat/Pesach and next week Pesach and Shabbat.

19/04/2019 20/04/2019 Team 5 Pesach
20/04/2019 21/04/2019 Team 6 Pesach
25/04/2019 26/04/2019 Team 1 Pesach
26/04/2019 27/04/2019 Team 2 Pesach

If you are not able to do your duty, please swap with someone else.

Meet the Family

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