We have resumed daily services!

Our afternoon services are on the Weizmann Campus (40 Kloof Road, entrance through the vehicle gate) and our morning services are held in partnership with the Green and Sea Point Hebrew Congregation in their Shul.

Please contact our office for any further details, and please sign up for any afternoon services you plan to attend here: https://bit.ly/attendBMM

Where is Morasha now?

We are currently located at 31 Arthurs Road, Sea Point.

Weekday Mincha/Maariv: Herzlia Weizmann Parking Lot. Entrance 40 Kloof Road (parking available).

Weekday Shacharit: Green and Sea Point Hebrew Congregation (Marais Road) Small Shul.

Shabbat services: Herzlia Weizmann Primary School Parking Lot/Hall (weather dependent). Entrance 40 Kloof Road.

We are grateful to our friends at the Sephardi Hebrew Congregation and Herzlia Weizmann School for their hospitality during the time of our displacement, as well as all of the other organisations and individuals who have been so very good to us.

Can I still donate?

Yes, absolutely. We are going to build a wonderful Shul and we’d love you to be a part of it. Please donate via our donation page and let us know that the donation is for the purpose of the rebuild.